Commercial & Industrial

Commercial / Industrial

EpoxyPro specializes in tailoring resin-based flooring to meet various requirements, such as handling heavy traffic, chemical resistance, slip prevention, anti-static properties, hygiene standards, USDA certification, anti-microbial characteristics, and premium high-gloss finishes, surpassing particular expectations.

Elevate Function and Aesthetics

In business and industrial environments, selecting the right flooring is crucial for both practicality and visual appeal.


Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy flooring systems are now a leading choice for commercial and industrial settings, thanks to their outstanding strength, resistance to chemicals, and low maintenance requirements. In environments like manufacturing plants, warehouses, or retail areas, these coatings offer a smooth, impermeable surface that is resistant to staining.


Additional Advantages

Adding quartz or flake broadcast to epoxy flooring not only improves its durability but also brings a customizable design aspect, making it perfect for areas requiring both practicality and a refined look. Furthermore, the seamless nature of epoxy floors simplifies cleaning processes.

We offer a budget-friendly system tailored to provide the most economical long-term value in the market. EpoxyPro provides complimentary estimates and fast completion times, guaranteeing your satisfaction on every occasion!